What is HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin?

HCG is a natural human hormone that can be administered at home by a small subcutaneous daily injection as part of a medically supervised low-calorie diet that produces fast, amazing weight loss results without suffering. HCG naturally suppresses appetite and helps the body burn fat. It is also believed to help in metabolic recovery, where certain appetite-control functions in the brain are reset, allowing for permanent weight lost. No other diet can do this. The HCG Diet helps maintain muscle tissue, while losing up to a pound of fat per day. During, as well as after the diet, patients typically feel good and energized.

Diet & Weight Loss: How Hormones Can Help

The battle of the bulge is a shared story among women. She was just losing the weight from baby #1 when along came baby #2. She doesn’t have time to exercise (who does?). She can’t drop that last 10 pounds.

We’ve yo-yoed ourselves unconscious, alternating between starvation and guilt, elation and devastation. Failure to success to failure again. And it’s not just the extra pounds; it’s how and where our bodies gain weight. The fat seems to accumulate around the stomach, buttocks and thighs. Bad diet? Lack of exercise? Not enough sleep? It all can contribute.

But while we’ve been told over and over again that we are gaining weight, that we are incapable of losing weight, because we didn’t eat the right thing or weren’t able to get our five jogs in this week, in truth, the problem is much more fundamental.

Hormones. Or, more specifically, hormone imbalance.

In order to do their job, hormones must be perfectly balanced. But those fine-tuned hormones are starting to seesaw.

The Usual Suspects: Progesterone and Estrogen

There are a dozen potential culprits and some combination thereof have more than likely ganged up on you (and your body’s ability to achieve weight loss).

The usual suspects, however, are estrogen and progesterone – two hormones that need to stay in perfect balance. And, as you’ll see, when one, or both, of these hormones is out of alignment, the seesaw begins.

When a woman’s body no longer produces enough progesterone (the hormone needed to equalize estrogen so that, with a healthy diet and exercise, the body’s metabolism will respond and weight loss can occur), she has entered a state of “estrogen dominance”. Estrogen dominance causes an increase in what is called “thyroid binding globulin”. When this globulin, basically a group of proteins, is present, the thyroid gland becomes dysfunctional, meaning we can diet and exercise with a vengeance and still not lose the weight.

There are all degrees of dysfunction and they are directly proportionate to the degree of estrogen dominance. By supplementing progesterone, we can effectively address some of the biochemical reasons for this weight gain. The goal is to address the excess estrogen and eliminate the hypothyroid condition so that, with a healthy diet and exercise, the body’s metabolism will respond and weight loss can occur.

Also, by putting the estrogen-progesterone seesaw in balance, we can reduce weight that is essentially good, old-fashioned water weight caused by bloating. Too much estrogen causes tissues around the abdominal area to retain water. In younger women, this bloating is most noticeable around their menstrual cycle when their progesterone levels naturally drop to bring on menstruation. As women age and their progesterone levels do not cycle back up during the month resulting in estrogen dominance and non-stop bloating. Progesterone then acts as a natural diuretic, reducing the bloating and promoting weight loss.

HCG and Obesity:

Between the late 1950s, when first introduced by Dr. Simeons, and 1976, when the FDA and Federal Trade Commission took steps against HCG injections, HCG injections were the most popular method of obesity control in America. Dr. Simeons claimed that the drugs allowed people to live on as few as 500 calories a day, and that the drugs distributed stored fat and helped the body to metabolize fat.

Due to lack of proven results and the government action, HCG injections lost popularity until they were revived in 2007 by an infomercial and book by Kevin Trudeau claiming that HCG injections were the cure to obesity and that the American Medical Association, FDA and other medical groups were part of a conspiracy to suppress the truth.

The Founder of HCG Diet

The HCG dieter has to simply devour a limited amount of food comprising of only up to 500 calories. This limited food will nicely react with the HCG diet injections work wonders in the body of the dieter. The dieter in turn will begin to lose fat from the right places in the body. Not only that, the dieter will also retain lean muscle. This is the other area where HCG diet works to perfection. In the case of the other types of diet the lean muscle is not generally retained by the dieter. In other words it can be said that the dieter begins to lose his or her muscle too in the dieting period.

Another important benefit of HCG diet is that the dieter never feels tired or short of energy during the dieting period. This is because of the fact that the required amount of energy is taken up directly from the stored up stubborn fat in various areas of the dieter. This is a continuous process and hence the dieter never feels short of the required energy to perform his or her daily duties. As a matter of fact he would not feel the difference even if he starves! The enormous benefits of HCG diet speak for themselves.

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